8 August: Discover the plants and animals of the Wombat Forest

The Wombat Forest contains a diverse range of native plants and animals, including a number that are listed as rare or threatened, such as Powerful Owl and the Wombat Bush Pea. As well as these natural values, the Wombat is a significant water catchment area, giving rise to six rivers.

Join us to discover more about the Wombat Forest with Gayle Osborne and Trevor Speirs from Wombat Forestcare. The talk will include information on the Powerful Owl, Greater Glider, Brush-tailed Phascogale, important flora as well as efforts underway to protect and document them.

Wombat Forestcare engages in a range of activities. These have a strong focus on community involvement and education, and include undertaking flora and fauna surveys. They also enjoy the social aspect of a forest group, with picnics and bushwalks for people who love being in the bush.

When: 2pm, Sunday 8 August
Where: Woodend Community Center
Tickets: Click here to book

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