Fabulous Fauna and Fungi: with the Macedon Field Naturalists!

To celebrate World Environment Day, the Macedon Ranges Field Naturalists Group
is hosting a special event featuring the fabulous fauna and fungi of Mount Macedon.
The event will showcase the recent work of the Field Naturalists, attract new
members and share ideas for citizen science projects.
Come along to hear about some of the projects being undertaken by the group
including the small mammal trapping of Mount Macedon and searches for rare fungi.
The afternoon will include a talk with guest speakers William Terry (fauna) and Greg
Boldiston (fungi) followed by an afternoon tea.
The ‘Fauna and Fungi on the Mount’ event is at 2pm on Saturday 3 June in
Woodend. Woodend Community Centre. All are welcome! Bookings can be made by
visiting: Fauna and Fungi of the Mount
The Macedon Ranges Field Naturalists are supported by Macedon Ranges Shire

The field nats group has recorded a number of rare Dusky Antechinus on Mount
Macedon as part of a new long term investigation (Antechinus mimetes mimetes).

Penny fetches another Elliott trap with a small mammal inside.

Some of the volunteer field nats preparing Elliott traps

The dense ferns around the tall Mountain Ash eucalypts provide critical cover for
small mammals.

Splendid Red Skinhead (Cortinarius persplendidus) photographed on Mount
Macedon. The group is excited about undertaking more research on fungi in the
Macedon Ranges and documenting all known species. Image by Greg Boldiston.

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